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Worldwide Shipping

1. The transport is activated by Israel mail through EMS Express Mail Services.

2. Supply time suppose to four days of business from parcel`s transport day.

3. The transport will arrive direct to customer home according to the address was

4. Cities in world without of that service, the parcel will arrive to the near post office.

5. Transport parcel`s price fixed according to its weight, maximal weight for a parcel
is 20 k.g.

6. In cases the parcel`s weight is above the maximal possible weight, the parcel will
divided up to another parcel begin from the 21 k.g. and soon.

7. The price list appear continue, based on Israel`s mail price in EMS company.

8. The transport not include escort taxes will payed as required and due to country
statute that will received the transport.

9. The transport insured by Israel mail EMS.

10.The price determined as dollars U.S.A and it includes packing and treatment.

11.There`s a possibility of international exile also by another exile company, this one
will coordinate in advance.

12.Sending in land by another company has to be coordinate in advance by phone.

13.Transport in land by mail emissary - the transport arrive during 24 hours.

14.Another details and transport terms will given to receive
by the web site WWW.POSTIL.COM.

15.There is a possibility of self-collection in the shop or in the factory by coordinate
in advance.

  Israel Europe America Other Countries
To 1 kg $9.5 $20 $20 $25
Each additional kg No additional payment
Up to 20 kg
$4 $4 $5