Kaftor Vaferach Judaica: Company Profile
Workshop of holy ark curtains, Bimah covers, Torah mantle, chupppahs, talit sets and tefillin, kippahs gifts and souvenirs.



In 1929, the rabbi Yichiel Shimon Minsky left his town in Poland in order to achieve the dream of a lifetime: move to Israel. Upon his arrival to the Holy Land, he settled in Meah Shaarim neighborhood in Jerusalem and opened a shop and a small workshop for a living in Meah Shaarim street, 21.

He named them "Kaftor Vaferah" (button and flower) from the extract depicting the temple and menorah construction by the artist "Bezalel"; he then brought the artistic spirit to his craft and manufacturing judaica items. Over the years the name "Kaftor Vaferah" became synonymous of quality, beauty and creativity in the world of items for Jewish house.

Until today the shop is located in the same place as in the past, Meah Shaarim street 21. When the business evolved and expanded, a manufacture was established in the industrial park Makor Baruchm, Jerusalem. The team of the factory is professional and experienced and they work with the most enhanced sewing/embroider machines and laser of the world.

We are happy and proud to be the third generation in "Kaftor Vaferah" to serve you with devotion.

Production process:

First of all, we are employing a team of professional designers who focused on the developing of items in combination of modern and contemporary designs with an emphasis on quality and special attention to the details giving the final shape of our items.

Once the customer had chosen the design and style, we select the perfect materials which fit: an accurate sketch, perforation and the choice of high quality embroidery threads without forgetting the perfect ribbons fitting the product.

The production process is made without compromise, starting from the selection of the materials, the work method without forgetting the strict quality control. Each item, prior to its selling, is checked by a comprehensive and complete checking in order to offer the perfect product matching the order.

This control system ensures the best quality for the complete satisfaction of the customers.

"Kaftor Vaferah" has a great experience –one of the longest in Israel – in judaica embroidery manufacturing. The knowledge and experience we accumulated over the years grant to the company`s customers great quality and a wide range of judaica items for every taste.

About us:

The products of "Kaftor Vaferah" adorn and illuminate hundreds of synagogues across the world, for the pure pleasure and entire satisfaction of hundreds prayers. Amongst our customers: synagogues, yeshivot, Chabad houses all over the world, government offices and more.

Our factory is the official supplier of the Defense Minister and Tzahal (Israeli army).

The company Kaftor Vaferah Ltd was checked and examined by company Ronet (International Certification services Ltd.) and was found matching the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for the field: Design, manufacturing and import of embroidery, judaica and textile.

ISO 9001:2008 is an international and recognized standard for quality control system. QMS Quality Management System provides to companies principles with one main goal: ensuring a healthy and reasonable management of business activity in order to achieve complete satisfaction amongst customers.

Our line of products:

Amongst our products and items available in store: manufacturing of Parochet (holy Ark curtain), Bimah covers, Torah mantle, talit and tefelin bags, Shabbat and Passover tablecloths, Chuppahs, Brit Milah pillow, furs, embroidery and printing on shirts, bags, robes, towels and hats. Laser engraving on wood or glass. Printed kipahs and embroidery for weddings, bar mitzvah as well as every specific item by a special order.

Our professional team is at your service any time you need and for any question and subject. We are ready to face any challenge to provide you the best service and professional solutions. "Kaftor Vaferah" became over the years a synonym of quality, professionalism and reliability.

We will be glad to serve you:

Factory shop: Meah Shaarim st, 21 Jerusalem, Tel:+972-2-537-00-11, Email:[email protected], to the map click here

Factory and showroom: Industrial park Makor Baruch, Jerusalemm,
Tel:+972-2-5000-940, fax:+972-2-500-2033, suppliers Email:[email protected], to the map click here

Contact and orders :+972-2-5000-940, cellular:+972-54-7686770, Email:[email protected] , skype: kvjudaica